Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fragility of Life

Today I sit and am reflecting on the fragility of life as we are saying good bye to a faithful corps member. One week ago today everything was normal, we went to women's ministries and had a great time packing back packs for The Salvation Army's annual back to school program and little more than 24 hours later we receive a call saying that Kathryn had been promoted to glory, leaving behind a 14 year old daughter, it just doesn't seem fair. She was visiting a friend with her daughter in the hospital when she collasped and they were not able to revive her...a pulmonary embolism the culprit.... Last week at this time neither Kathryn or her daughter never knew they had just a brief time left with eachother and now Tayler has to grow up with out her mom and Kathryn will never have the opportunity to see her only daughter graduate from high school, get married and have heart is aching for this situation. Kathryn was Miriam and Micah's Moonbeam leader so we have had a couple of interesting conversations about death with Miriam, conversations that I knew were inevitable but didn't think I would be tackling this soon, it is amazing the process and the abilities of a three year olds brain....The reality is that none of us are ever promised tomorrow, I pray that Tayler knows how very much her mom loved her and how amazingly proud of her she was. Sunday morning coffee is not going to be the same.

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