Friday, August 21, 2009

What can you get for $1.50?

This is what I got for $1.54 today....

4 packages of Bic Highlighter pens

1 tub of 64 count Huggies Wipes

2 packages Peanut M&M's

45 4x6 photo prints

1 8x10 Scrapbook print

Where and how you may ask....well Walgreens was where it was at this week!

The Bic highlighters were on sale for 39 cents/package regularly $2.59 plus I had a $1/2 packages of Bic Stationary supplies and I had two of those coupons so $1.56 for the highlighter with $2 in coupons......I'll add to this scenario in a second

All week Walgreens has been having special deals with their on line ordering....on Monday it was 25 prints for 25 cents.. I couldn't believe it, 1 cent a print, that is unheard of. Tuesday and Wednesdays deals we not so hot but Thursdays deal was 20 free prints, now I thought 1 cent a print was good but free is even better! Then today, Friday's deal was a free scrapbook page up to 8x10 size so my grand total for 45 4x6 prints and an 8x10 scrapbook print was..... dun da da dun...25 cents! This normally would have cost me about $14, now I normally would not have paid 19 cents a print or bought a $5 scrapbook page but since they were free I could handle that

Well since I now have a negative total because my Bic highlighter coupons surpass the amount that they cost and the register won't allow for that I notice they have coupons for 49 cents M&Ms and since my shopper helpers have been so good I get them each a package so my grand total for 45 prints, 4 package of Highlighters, 1 8x10 print and 2 packages of M&Ms is $

Then on my way out the door I notice they have a store coupon for $2/1 tub of huggies wipes. I knew I also hada 75 cents off manufacturer coupon and I know that Walgreens accecpts 1 store adn 1 manufacturer coupon on any item so I go back to the baby care aisle and pick up a tub...with both my coupons I spend a total of 54 cents!

What a great bargin day!

Bitter Sweet

I went to the corps last night for Bible Study but I really wanted to find how Kathryn's funeral went and how Tayler is holding up. Both Majors said that it went really well, that there was a good turn out and that Tayler was doing as well as could be expected given the circumstance. When I was talking to Mrs later she said that Kathryn had wanted to be burried next to her infant son who has passed over 15 years ago...well there were some circumstances that were not allowing that to happen but the funeral director remembered the family and remembered doing the funeral for her son and pulled some strings and got it so the baby's body could be exumed and placed at the feet of Kathryn in her casket and they would now both be layed to rest where the baby had previously been burried. This is the most touching story I have heard in a long time so thank you to the funeral director who went above and beyond to make this happen.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fragility of Life

Today I sit and am reflecting on the fragility of life as we are saying good bye to a faithful corps member. One week ago today everything was normal, we went to women's ministries and had a great time packing back packs for The Salvation Army's annual back to school program and little more than 24 hours later we receive a call saying that Kathryn had been promoted to glory, leaving behind a 14 year old daughter, it just doesn't seem fair. She was visiting a friend with her daughter in the hospital when she collasped and they were not able to revive her...a pulmonary embolism the culprit.... Last week at this time neither Kathryn or her daughter never knew they had just a brief time left with eachother and now Tayler has to grow up with out her mom and Kathryn will never have the opportunity to see her only daughter graduate from high school, get married and have heart is aching for this situation. Kathryn was Miriam and Micah's Moonbeam leader so we have had a couple of interesting conversations about death with Miriam, conversations that I knew were inevitable but didn't think I would be tackling this soon, it is amazing the process and the abilities of a three year olds brain....The reality is that none of us are ever promised tomorrow, I pray that Tayler knows how very much her mom loved her and how amazingly proud of her she was. Sunday morning coffee is not going to be the same.