Friday, August 21, 2009

Bitter Sweet

I went to the corps last night for Bible Study but I really wanted to find how Kathryn's funeral went and how Tayler is holding up. Both Majors said that it went really well, that there was a good turn out and that Tayler was doing as well as could be expected given the circumstance. When I was talking to Mrs later she said that Kathryn had wanted to be burried next to her infant son who has passed over 15 years ago...well there were some circumstances that were not allowing that to happen but the funeral director remembered the family and remembered doing the funeral for her son and pulled some strings and got it so the baby's body could be exumed and placed at the feet of Kathryn in her casket and they would now both be layed to rest where the baby had previously been burried. This is the most touching story I have heard in a long time so thank you to the funeral director who went above and beyond to make this happen.

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